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For a woman he could never have
He should change the world forever
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It pricks my conscience that I should be responsible in great part for fostering all these forms of literary madness, and should have misled others through myexample,---by no means the least of offences. I fear lest those laurel leaves, which in my eagerness I tore prematurely from the branch, may in a way be answerablefor the trouble. While, as many believe, they have been the means of bringing true dreams to me, they have caused in others a multitude of delusive visions, whichwere allowed to escape while all the world was asleep, through the ivory gates, into the autumnal air.

Call for Papers / Submitted Papers

I have found it somewhat more difficult to find papers on Petrarch on the Web then I first expected. Therefore this call for papers is rather unique as it will not be presented at a conference, and it will not be published in a journal. Instead it will be published on this website where hundreds of students come each day during the school year to research Petrarch. If anyone has any such papers please do send them to me and I will post them.

A list of known conferences regarding Petrarch is available for those looking to submit papers to journals or conferences.

Below are the papers which I have already collected. Where I was unable to get the author's permission to duplicate the paper on this site, only a link to their site is included.
You may need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the PDF files. In all likelyhood this is already on your system.

Papers on HumanismAuthor's Website
Humanismby Liana Cheney

Papers on PetrarchAuthor's Website
Petrarch at the Crossroadsby Nicholas Mann
Nationalism in 'Petrarch's Last Controversy'by Grover Furr
Petrarch's Historicism and the Purpose of Philosophyby Brian W. Ogilvie
Petrarch's and Laura's Love Dynamicsby Sergio Rinaldi
Petrarch: The German Connectionby Frank L. Borchardt
Petrarch’s Secret Inner Struggleby Jerome Veith
Petrarch and Dulcinea in Don Quijoteby Lisa Rabin
I go thinking, I'vo pensando and Petrarch's paths of desireby Holly Barbaccia
Sidney and Petrarch; Or, The Contemplation of Loveby Abraham Avendaño Martínez
Petrarch's Apes: Originality, Penelope Alfrey
English court poets and Petrarchismby Matthew Griffiths
Petrarch and Abelard: A Comparisonby Thomas A. Donaldson
Musical Settings of Petrarch's "Mia benigna fortuna"by Joti Rockwell
Petrarch: Books and the Life of the Mindby Leigh Husband Kimmel
From Translation to Imitationby Richard Jackson
(French) De l’humaniste savant à l’amoureux de Lauraby Angelica Rieger

The following papers are also available, however, they were found online and use to be listed above, but I was never able to contact the author to get permission to publish the paper on my website and the original online paper is now no longer available. I still have copies of these papers, but no permission to publish them here. If you would like one of the following papers, please contact me and I can email you the paper in question.
Emailed papers
Petrarch's Invective contra medicumby Nancy Struever

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