Petrarch Laura Francesco Petrarch and Laura For a woman he would never know
For a woman he could never have
He should change the world forever
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It will not be the less valuable to you because it is interspersed with countless obliterations and additions and completely crammed with marginals on the borders of itS pages. It has lost somewhat of its decorous appearance to the eye, but your mind will surely appreciate that just as much gracefulness has been added. You will realize all the more that you are nearest to my heart, since I write you in such a way that you will regard all these additions and erasures as signs of close friendship and affection.

Recent Updates

Sept 10th - Added my collection information.
Jan 28th - Updated the links page, removing a lot of old broken links.
Dec 30th - Fixes a few broken links.
Dec 30th - Added English translations of Il Trionfi.
May 28th - Did a few minor updates of comments and fixed a few typos, nothing big.
Oct 14th - Updated the links, added Confirmed, head not his.
Sept 4th - Updated the timeline with many more links to pages in the website.
Aug 20th - Added Familiares 2-9 where Petrarch defends the existance of Laura.
Aug 20th - Added a new picture of Petrarch.
Aug 9th - Added Petrarch Forever to my links page.
Aug 9th - Updated events lists.
May 20th - Added Africa to his writings.
May 20th - Completed Bucolicum Carmen.
April 10th - Added Bucolicum Carmen to his writings.
April 5th - Added a link to a news article, Petrarch lost his head!. Ok, so on November 3rd I was wrong, the tomb wasn't empty, but it was missing a head. Who's head was in the tomb and where is Petrarch's?
March 8th - Added a disclaimer to Matthew Griffiths' paper at his request.
February 9th - Added Akos Banlaky to the page on muscial settings
January 22nd - Edited the events section, added some new events too.
December 1st - Made a few format changes. Moved the Google ads to the bottom of the page.
November 25th - Added an Emglish translation of the Truimph of Death
November 18th - Added a search box to the site to display web searches.
November 13th - Alas, the cost of this website got too high. I have added a little advertising to pages.
November 11th - Removed dead links.
November 11th - Added a bookstore. Books now link to an online bookstore with more info, instead of Amazon.
November 8th - Removed his family tree link from the Petrarch page.
November 8th - Added HIS FAMILY to the left menu and to the site. His family tree and brief biographies of the people.
November 8th - Added BOCCACCIO to the left menu and to the site. A brief summary of who he is.
November 3rd - Added a new 'In the News' in the links section. Petrarch's tomb to be opened. My predition, it is empty.
November 3rd - Edited F-IV-I into French.
October 31st - Added a section on music settings.
October 31st - Added the French translations of F-IV-I into the Familiar Letters Section.
October 30th - Altered the family tree.
October 30th - Added links to recorded recitals of the Canzoniere.
October 29th - Added the Oeuvres complètes de Pétrarque into the books section
October 29th - Added a February 14th, 2004 conference in the events section.
October 29th - Added this updates page.
October 28th - Added Altavista's Translation services in the left hand navigation area.

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